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Berkshire Gold Direct Anti-Money Laundering Policy

As a client purchasing precious metals it is important to understand the IRS rules and what it says about money laundering.

According to money laundering refers to the activities and financial transactions that are undertaken specifically to hide the true source of the money.

There has never been a time in history when governments have had more rules and regulations pertaining to money laundering… and for good reason. There has been a rise in criminal activities such as cyber-hacking and terrorist threats. Berkshire Gold Direct understands and takes serious these criminal activities and does its best to stop money laundering by adhering to all local, state and national laws.

Berkshire Gold Direct advises clients to do their own research on both the Internal Revenue Service and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network websites to make sure they are in full compliance at all times. Never do business with any precious metals company that is willing to bend the rules. The law will show no leniency to either party.

Berkshire Gold Direct’s staff undergoes initial and regular trainings on suspicious activity and will report such incidents immediately.

Berkshire Gold Direct will not accept cash nor will we liquidate cash. It is the company’s policy to only accept personal checks, company checks as well as bank wire transfers originated from the United States. BGD will not accept payments that originate outside the United States.

Berkshire Gold direct will only execute transactions after the client’s identification has been verified by a U.S. based financial institution.

Our clients’ privacy is extremely important to Berkshire Gold Direct, however there are times when we might need to inform the IRS of a transaction. For example, if Berkshire Gold Direct decides to purchase precious metals at a certain volume from a person, it could require BGD to fill out IRS 1099B Form.

The Berkshire Gold Direct staff and specialists do not provide any type of tax, legal or financial advice. It is important for the prospect or the client to do his or her own due diligence

Berkshire Gold Direct is always here to serve. For questions please call one of our expert staff directly at 1.800.614.8221.

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