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Buying Gold

Why Buy Gold?

Financial experts recommend diversification in an asset portfolio with physical gold in order to protect your savings from inflation, negative interest rates, and a volatile global economy.

The following are some reasons you should consider adding gold to your financial portfolio:

  • During inflationary periods, paper currency loses its value while gold’s value has historically remained stable and increased in value.
  • Diversification is the only way to secure your wealth, protect your savings from economic crises, and hedge against the federal government printing more money.
  • Over the last 10 years, the purchasing power of the dollar has declined by more than 25% due to inflation; whereas the price of gold has increased by 300%.
  • Gold’s worth is recognized internationally, supporting its value even during periods of economic instability in the United States.

Financial specialists at Berkshire Gold Direct offer the expertise to help you protect your financial future. BGD is one of the nation’s premier precious metals trading platforms. We provide top-notch service to household investors, licensed dealers, and institutions. We focus our attention on ensuring that every single client receives platinum level customer service.

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