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Buying Silver

Why Buy Silver?

The following are just a handful of reasons investors should consider adding silver to their asset portfolio today:

  • Silver is now rarer than gold, there is currently an annual shortfall of 150 million ounces of silver and the metal is predicted to be completely depleted within 9 years.
  • After the financial crisis of 2008, investments in silver increased by 184% in just a single year, as investors rushed to protect their savings.
  • The demand for silver is skyrocketing in a time when its supply is shrinking. Industrial demand is at record highs, while 2015 saw the American Silver Eagles set a sales record.
  • For 2,000 years the gold to silver ratio was around 12:1. That means you could buy one ounce of gold for 12 ounces of silver. Today, the ratio is at an extreme high of 80:1. The last two times this happened, silver outperformed gold by over 175% for the following three years.

Take advantage of the shortfall in silver production and the extreme gold to silver ratio by getting your favorite silver products in your hand now; because demand can only be satisfied at higher prices.

Berkshire Gold Direct is one of the nation’s premier precious metals trading platforms. We provide top-notch service to household investors, licensed dealers, and institutions. Call one of our precious metals specialists at 1.800.614.8221 to see how BGD can assist you with all your physical silver needs.

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