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“A crisis worse than ISIS’ awaits Americans in the form of ‘bank bail-ins’ that could soon wipe out Americans’ life savings with a massive derivatives collapse ahead of us.

While some might say money confiscation by the government or banks could never happen here, all we need to do is look below at all of the laws and infrastructure already in place to do so in America and this stark reminder, bail-ins have already begun in Europe.”

“There will be no more taxpayer bailouts for the Big Wall Street banks. That much has been established by the lobbied to death Dodd-Frank banking reform bill. However, instead of taking money from the government (taxpayers), the principal has been established that the next source of money for profligate banks will be your deposit accounts. Yeah, that’s right, the money to stabilize the banking sector during the next crisis will come out of your savings and checking accounts.”

“The Bail-In: How You and Your Money Will Be Parted During the Next Banking Crisis”

“The banks have the right to confiscate your funds if they crash the economy again as they did in 2008.”

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