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Roth IRA’s


Why the Smart Money Chooses a Roth IRA

“Smart investors choose Roth IRAs over traditional IRAs, according to a recent study by Texas Tech University. The researchers determined that people with high IQs were the most likely to own a Roth IRA”


Advantages of Roth IRA’s

“With Roth IRAs, savers get a tax-free stream of income in retirement. And it’s not just the contributions that come out tax-free. Uncle Sam doesn’t lay a finger on any of the earnings.”

“Roth contributions can be withdrawn penalty-free at any time.”

“The Roth IRA has no required minimum distributions. That means you can live to 120 without ever tapping your Roth IRA. Furthermore, anyone with earned income can keep adding to their Roth IRA account regardless of age.”

“A Roth IRA is beneficial for your heirs, as well. Savers with ample accounts can leave their beneficiaries tax-free income that can be stretched over their lifetime.”

“In most cases our analysis has indicated that if you are eligible and have options, the Roth IRA over time is going to deliver a greater benefit in retirement. The ultimate benefit is in retirement because they are tax-free and can stay in the tax-free account even longer.”


Here’s a Smart Way To Boost Your Tax-Free Retirement Savings

“The Roth is a valuable income stream in retirement because contributions are after-tax, which means you don’t owe Uncle Sam anything on the money you withdraw. Unlike traditional IRAs which require you to start withdrawing money once you turn 70 ½, Roths have no mandatory distribution requirements, so your investments can continue to grow tax-free. And if you need to take a chunk out for a sudden big expense, such as medical bills, the withdrawal won’t bump you up into a higher tax bracket.”

“|The ability to put away more in a Roth is also good for people who want to leave money to heirs. Inherited Roth IRAs are free of tax, and because they don’t have taxable minimum required distributions, they can give your heirs decades of tax-free growth. It’s absolutely the best asset to die with if you want to leave money behind.”

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