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Silver Is Now Rarer Than Gold

“The amount of available silver is far rarer than the amount of available gold.

This fact is often overlooked by even the most seasoned silver investors. And it’s this lack of silver stockpiles that has become one of the most critical factors in what could jolt prices, lifting silver into an entirely different asset class all together.

So forget $100 silver — $100 is now considered a timid prediction. Some experts are now calling for silver prices to be on par with gold!”

“Global silver production has been unable to meet global demand for more than fifteen years. The world’s silver mines are simply not producing enough silver to meet demand.”

“In 1950, there were 10 billion ounces of available silver above ground. By 1980, that number shrank to 3.5 billion. And today, no significant government stockpiles of silver exist anywhere in the world.”

“The exact opposite is true of gold. In 1950, there were an estimated 1 billion ounces of above-ground gold. Today, there are nearly 5.8 billion ounces across the globe.”

“Silver is required in the production of products like CDs, cell phone batteries, calculators, printed circuit boards, hearing aids, electronic switches, TV screens, catalytic converters, inks, computer monitors, RFID chips, and thousands more. Once any of these items have served their purpose, they generally get tossed. And it’s simply more expensive to recycle the silver from these products than it is to dig more out of the ground.”

“You see, gold is produced, but it’s not consumed. Even though gold is a highly desired item, it’s not an industrial commodity. In other words, gold is desired, but silver is needed.”

“This is the perfect market for silver prices to appreciate. Global supply deficits continue to be ignored year after year by investors. This is slowly changing, but owning silver has not gone mainstream yet…”

The World Will Run Out of Silver in 9 Years

“Many financial analysts, investing experts, and even geologists have one big thing in common: a silver shortage is upon us. Peak silver is no joke.”

“Despite the lack of global stockpiles, new technology will continue to discover more industrial applications for silver, putting a further strain on world supplies.”

“The Silver Institute predicts that silver demand for industrial purposes will increase by 36% by 2015.”

“Silver has exploded in the precious metals market, especially after the financial meltdown in 2008. In 2009, silver investment increased by 184% in just one year!”

Economics-101: If supply decreases and demand remains unchanged, prices go up. If supply runs out, you can no longer sell the product, making it even MORE valuable in the eyes of the beholder and the product-less consumer. Bottom line: prices appreciate.”

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